Do You Know What Show Plates Are?

There are a few terms thrown around that pertain to personalised number plates with one of those terms being show plates. If you’re wondering what show plates are, this bit of information should help. The term show plates comes from the idea that these number plates are used at car shows. They are not road-legal because they don’t meet the DVLA’s legal standard for number plates.

Show plates can be spaced oddly and they don’t have the required legal text at the bottom of the plates. Instead, they typically have some kind of personalised text at the bottom. Show plates also feature a tinted acrylic surface that also deems them illegal.

You Can’t Drive with Show Plates

If you were to take a spin out on the roadway with show plates on your vehicle, you’d most likely be stopped by the police and fined. This is why you don’t see show plates in traffic. They’re totally illegal and are meant to be used for “show only”.

Why Show Plates are Popular

When people are displaying their prized vehicles at auto shows they often put show plates on them to add a bit of eye-appeal. These plates often feature cleverly-designed messages as text and can come in a wide variety of styles and colours.

Imagine getting a vintage car ready for an auto show. You’ve cleaned up the car, added some polish for shine and have gone over the interior to make sure it’s neat and tidy. If you were to add some amazing show plates to that car as a final finishing touch, it will look absolutely amazing to onlookers who are admiring it.

Just for Show so Have Fun

If you want to add a bit of flair to a car you display at auto shows, consider putting some show plates on it for some extra eye candy people will love. Even though show plates are not street-legal, they’re an awful lot of fun to own and show off!

Order Show Plates Online

If you want to buy show plates, look for dealers online that offer these types of number plates. A good dealer will allow you full control over what your plates will look like. By using a design screen, you can design and buy your personal plates right from the comfort of your own home.

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