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Do You Know What Show Plates Are?

There are a few terms thrown around that pertain to personalised number plates with one of those terms being show plates. If you’re wondering what

Coming Up with Ideas for Personalised Number Plates

People in the UK love putting personalised number plates on their vehicles to well, personalise them, just as the name suggests they do. If you’d like to

Buying Personalised Number Plates

Private plates (or private number plates as they’re also called) are common sights on UK roadways. If you’d like to make your vehicle stand out

Be Careful Using Ebay to Sell Your Private Number Plate

There’s no arguing the fact that Ebay is a good place to sell the items you don’t use or want any more. Today, with the rising popularity

Are Private Number Plates Worth the Investment?

The moment you take ownership of your vehicle it starts depreciating in value. However, the same thing doesn’t happen to the private number plate on