Buying Personalised Number Plates

Private plates (or private number plates as they’re also called) are common sights on UK roadways. If you’d like to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd of others on the road with personalised license plates, you should know buying these plates can be a bit overwhelming since there are so many variations to choose from.

To make the process of buying your private number plates easier, here are a few tips that will help you make a good purchase.

Set an Amount You Can Spend

Some personalised plates can cost a small fortune. The most costly personalised plates are those which are the most popular. To avoid over-spending when buying your plates, be realistic beforehand and set an amount of money that you can realistically spend. Then promise yourself that you won’t go over that amount, no matter what. Even if you run across your dream plate that costs an arm and a leg, tell yourself that you can’t afford it and find a cheaper alternative instead.

Remember There are Fees to Pay

When you’re deciding how much money you can spend on your personalised reg plates, be sure to remember that you will have to pay a couple of fees. For example, the DVLA will charge you an assignment fee when assigning a plate to your vehicle. There may be a transfer of ownership fee too so check what fees you may have to pay when you’re deciding the total amount you’re able to afford.

You Can’t Use Your Plates to Make Your Car Look Newer

If you’re out to buy personalised license plates to make your older vehicle look younger, you should know that’s you are not allowed to do this according to the DVLA. When you purchase a private number plate, you are allowed to use it on your car to make it look older, but not younger so don’t even try.

Choose a Style that Pleases You

When you’re choosing the style of your personalised number plates it’s important that you choose a style that appeals to you. You certainly don’t want to choose a style that you’ll quickly grow tired of so take your time and look at your options. Of course, the main purpose of a cherished plate is to make your car look great. However, it’s equally important that the plate you choose makes you feel great as well.

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